Shaktipat Kundalini

First We Raise Your Kundalini For You

Then YOU Become Able To Raise Your Kundalini Alone

Golden Kundalini Awakens Your Consciousness

Kundalini is among the most powerful energy exercises available.

The many benefits of regular Kundalini practice include:

  • Expanded consciousness
  • Cleans & grows chakras
  • Grows psychic abilities
  • A vastly increased sense of well being
  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater mental alertness
  • More power for healing work
  • Increased stamina
  • Higher states of meditation become easier to access

Kundalini has been used successfully in India for thousands of years to access the deepest states of meditation. Regular practice can take you through to complete Realization.

Kundalini practice grows, expands, and energizes your entire system -aura, chakras, and nadhis. You become able to process more psychic energy. Psychic and meditative abilities and powers grow.

After bursting out of your crown chakra, Kundalini energy meets Heavenly energy. Then it flows down over your body to form a golden “second skin” of energy that protects you from incoming negative forces.

Liquid, golden Kundalini energy lies at the base of your spine in your sacrum. It rises up the hollow tube in the center of your spinal cord. As it rises, it fills each chakra in turn until it bursts out of the top of your head and spills down over your body to form a golden “second skin” of energy that protects and empowers you.

Practicing Kundalini expands your consciousness by expanding your chakras so that they can process more energy. Kundalini energy cleanses, expands, and energizes each chakra. This increases your awareness. You become able to “see” more of reality.

Kundalini Awakening comes FREE with your session

As Kundalini expands your awareness, you may become aware of issues you need help and guidance with.

We strongly recommend signing up for our weekly Private Meditation Course.

You’ll get the support and guidance you need to deal with issues as they arise. Kundalini Shaktiapt initiation and training requires 2-4 hours via Skype.

Nearly everyone’s Kundalini rises successfully on the first day. A very few need to try a second day, which we will provide without additional fees. No one has yet needed a third day.

A Word of Caution!

Kundalini is an advanced meditation exercise. Please do not attempt it if you have no experience with meditation or energy work.

Please DO NOT EXPECT the classical popular press explosion of energy that bursts the top of your head and sends you into an ecstatic orgasm of blissful muscle spasms.

This is very much the exception, but does happen rarely.

More than %90 of people have a much gentler experience.

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