Shaktipat –Where It Came From

Shaktpat originated in India.

Shaktipat is the method used by a realized teacher to awaken pure awareness in a person. Many teachers don’t even call it Shaktipat. They simply do it.

This awakening can happen instantly or in stages –according to the recipient’s ability to receive Shaktipat.

There is much mystique surrounding Shaktipat, primarily because it is:

  1. A very advanced practice
  2. Is used with different techniques by different gurus
  3. Different gurus using Shaktipat subscribe to different philosophies –Advaita, New Advaita, Kashmiri Saivism, etc.


Nityananda is widely credited with beginning the practice of Shaktipat in modern times. However, he was certainly not the first person who could instantly awaken others. In India today, many gurus can do who aren’t associated with Nityananda’s lineage.

Nityananda took Samadhi in 1961. This site has a lot of info.

Nityananda traveled extensively through India. He left behind two sites where you can still connect to his energies:

  1. Ganespuri near Mumbai is his shrine. There are also numerous shrines established by his realized devotees. There is also an ashram named Fire Mountain established by a California guru.
  2. Kanhangad Ashram in Kerala. Nityananda lived here for 25 years. He left behind meditation caves here that he carved out of a rock.

From perusing this partial list of realized teachers left behind by Nityananda, you can begin to understand how widely his Shaktipat teachings have spread in India. When you consider that all but one of these disciples are deceased, and have left their own realized followers behind, you’ll understand that Shaktipat can be found nearly everywhere if you search it out.


Muktananda was Nityananda’s disciple who brought Shaktipat to the US. While his ability to awaken others isn’t questioned, his moral conduct may have been questionable.

The good side is presented by the Siddha Yoga organization.

The questions are raised by former Muktananda devotees.  Read this article: The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda by William Rodarmor

Many in the West associate Shaktipat with Muktananda and Siddha Yoga. They represent only a very small portion of Shaktipat practitioners. In India, Shaktipat is widely used by many gurus in many different organizations.

The use of Shaktipat is spread widely throughout India, with gurus of different lineages and backgrounds awakening people.

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